Big Game Fishing Trip - Adriatic Big Game Fishing

big game fishing trip

Join us in the ultimate challenge



The ultimate experience of big game fishing with our legendary captain Anton Roca, as well as his crew.

Fishing equipment

First class fishing equipment is available on the boat, including tackle, baits, jigging equipment and master rods, Shimano reels, as well as spinning reels.

Wine and Dine

Various delicacies are offered on board (mussels, tuna sushi, Carpaccio of different fish, domestic authentic food) and wine (special label wines by Croatian producers).


Don’t worry about the fuel – it is included in the price of the trip!

Adriatic Sea

The Adriatic Sea offers fishing throughout the whole year, thanks to the suitable climate and favourable weather conditions, as well as a large amount of tuna and Greater amberjack fish.


Abundance of


Great tuna

Favourable weather

Adrenaline fuelled fishing

Starting point

vodice , Croatia

Located in the heart of Europe, Croatia has become a well-known big game fishing destination. Due to the central location, it is only a few hours away from all significant European centers. We are located between two national parks, the KRKA NATIONAL PARK and THE NATIONAL PARK KORNATI.

Enjoy the local atmosphere and experience the magic of an active holiday full of adrenaline. Vodice is known for its liveliness, variety of tourist activities and friendly hosts.


National park KORNATI

One of the most enchanting experiences in the Adriatic Sea is sailing through the Kornati islands. Often called a “nautical paradise”, Kornati National Park consists of 89 islands which will make your fishing adventure and exciting and fun adventure.

This territory around is known for many sunny days, mild winds, the high sea cleanliness and ideal sea temperature for a pleasant stay on board. A visit that will leave a great impact on you for sure!


an ultimate experience

Successful catching and great fun on the sea is our expertise. Enjoy big game fishing with us and let us show you why the ADRIATIC SEA is considered to be an angler’s paradise while fishing for Bluefin tuna, Greater amberjack, Swordfish, little tunnies, mahi-mahi fish and other big game fish species.

You can hear the lines spooling from Shimano, Penn, and other Duel roles, the rods bending to the maximum point, and the big 250 kg to 300 kg fish species are back again!


unique experience

fishing at night

Many fisherman prefer the night to catch tuna, some may even argue it is the best time. While tuna fishing is usually the daytime activity, there are techniques to catch them during the night. Bait fish are still active in darkness, which means the tuna feeding on them is too!

Not many people are up for the challenge, but if you consider yourself ready, book your experience below.

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